Pets bring us great love, play, and love.  Most of the time.
But sometimes there are messes and odors...

Things we have for you when you need help with odors

Eliminodor For Cats:  Super safe and effective enzyme spray that eats away the sulfur bond that makes cat urine and stool and body odors so unpleasant.  Great for spraying the litter box as well as furniture. 

Eliminodor with Repellent:  This enzyme product is meant for carpets and furniture and works really well at eliminating pet odors, urine odors, stool odors, and also works well at preventing pets from remarking.  This product is only fairly good at removing stains.  So: Great for odors. Great for repelling.  And fair for stains. 

Elimiodor Canine:  Designed to spray directly on dogs or furniture.  If used every 1-3 days, this spray does a great job of destroying strong doggy odors.

Pet Candles:  These candles come in a variety of scents but are designed and work well for pet odors and cigarette odors !

Urine Off:  The very best product ever made for removing urine stains.  There's one made for cat urine and another for dog urine.  Guaranteed; just bring it back ... no receipt needed ... if it doesn't work great.

The Equilizer:  This inexpensive stain remover works fairly well on stool and urine stains.  But's it most popular for Carolina Red mud stains.

ThioTrol Skunk Spray and Shampoo:  Our most effective skunk odor remover.

BioGroom Scented Shampoos:  Some pets, even though they have healthy skin, secrete more body oils and odors than others.  Frequent shampooing helps a lot with these pets and we have a selection of inexpensive, scented shampoos that are very gentle and designed for frequent use. 

The Furminator:  This expensive ($30-50 for the different sizes) German made, ceramic blade comb is the best we've used to remove loose hair and undercoats.  Greatly reduces shedding, the need for vacuuming, and makes the skin healthier too.  Works really well on some types of hair coats and not so well on others.  Try one on your pet when you're in the clinic.

Duoxo or Phytosphingosine: This hard to pronounce extraordinary product is popular with human dermatologists for cracked skin, dry skin, seborrhea, dander, and so on.  It works great in dogs and cats to help heal damaged skin making the pet more comfortable and also more pleasant to be around; less odor, less flaking etc.  The superglue like tubes are $3.00 and applied over the back or directly on any damaged skin once a week.  It takes about 3-4 weeks to see a big difference.

Great Products For Odors, Stains, & Shedding

If your pet has a strong odor problem, the first step is to make sure there isn't an underlying medical problem such as dental disease, ear infections, urine leakage, skin inflammation, or anal gland problems.

Other pet problems are not medical and include urine marking, wet dogs, muddy paw prints, non-medical body odors, shedding, odors rubbing off on furniture, & litter box odors.

Check out the list of products to your right and make life pleasant for yourselves.

Roger Ross, DVM

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