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First a comment about our prices:
Because of television advertising, most people assume that you'll pay less for pet products if you buy your supplies online.  

Some veterinarians still mark up their products significantly. (this was common practice not too long ago as a way to make up for extremely inexpensive surgery... we vets performed surgeries way under cost to keep people from euthanizing pets for money reasons but marked up vaccinations and products in order to pay the bills.  But this is no longer the rule.  Most practices, including The FoxNest Veterinary Hospital, now charge enough to stay profitable for the medical and surgical services that are available only at good veterinary practices, but keep the products you can get elsewhere competitive.

So, you will be pleased to find out, if you check, our prices for flea products, heartworm control, and so forth will be within pennies of PetMeds, PetSmart, and other big online or big box pet stores.  

Not only that, but if you buy from our veterinary practice you get:

1.  Competitive prices that include tax and shipping.

2.  Extra doses.  To help us compete with our big online competitors, the drug companies often give us free doses or other promotions.  

3.  Drug companies prefer that people purchase their products from a vet, because they want you to be very satisfied with your purchase.... and that means it needs to be used correctly, safely, and appropriately... and that means having someone who knows what they're talking about guiding you.  When you purchase products from us, we will recommend the best ones for your pet and your situation and explain the positives and negatives of each product.

4.  Full and easy refunds.  And the full backing of the manufacturer product warranty.
Only if you buy your product from a licensed vet will a company not only refund your money if you don't get desired results,  but also compensate you for things like veterinary bills if your pet got sick when using their product.  Or got heartworms while using their product.  Or got a flea infestation despite using their product. They'll also do things like pay for an exterminator to come to your home.  

5.  Preferential service.  I probably shouldn't mention this, but I'm only human.  
When people call me up at 2 am in the morning and want me to rush in and treat their dying cat or deliver puppies ... I never let an animal suffer... but if they're the type of clients that are constantly calling me about advice on what type of flea or heartworm products they should get.. but then buy them somewhere else, or don't come to our clinic for regular wellness exams ... well then... I usually tell them to go to the 24 hour emergency clinic in Anderson where the emergency fee is expensive and demanded up front... and then I go back to bed. I need my rest in order to take care of my good clients.

One more thing about our prices:

You'll also find that our vaccine prices are about the same as road side vet clinics, the only difference being that we use the best quality vaccines, keep records, and you know where to find us if there are any problems.

So, introductory comments are over ...just click on the underlined categories below to learn about what and why we recommend the products we offer.  Thanks, Roger Ross

Our Online Pharmacy

You can now order medicines, heartworm prevention, flea products... and prescription diets too. We are now in partnership with VetsFirstChoice. They promise to have prices, coupons, specials, and great service competitive with 800-PetMeds and other online pharmacies. Ordering through VetsFirstChoice will help us stay in business and it will also save you a prescription fee.

  Thanks. Just click on the picture below to go to their site.

Our main Product is Preventive Medicine, Dentistry,
Sick Patient Care and 
Soft Tissue Surgery 

But we also have some great products, diets, supplements and medications to keep your pet happy, comfortable, and healthy.

And as of March 2020, you can order products, including heartworm medications, flea products, prescription diets and so forth online.  We are now partners with VetsFirstChoice online pharmacy.  They promise to have prices and service competitive with 800PetMeds and other online pharmacy.  It helps to stay in business if you order through VetsFirstChoice and it saves you the $5 prescription fee.  

Just click on the picture below to go to their website:

A few special things we do or have I'd like to highlight:

Laser therapy: this ingredible new therapy is helpful with almost anything that is swollen, painful, or inflamed.  It promotes and speeds healing.  It kills ringworm, fungus, and helps with infection.

Our No Kill Shelter:  With the help of lots of volunteers, we clean up, treat, vaccinate, spay or neuter, socialize, love, and find homes for hundreds of pets each year.  Please check out our separate website for my stories about the Human-Animal Bond and to see the pictures of our present foster pets waiting for a loving home.  Thanks to Janet Kowolski for keeping this site current in addition to all the other work she does for our shelter.

Pet Insurance:
Pet insurance will cost you several hundred dollars a year.  Several thousand dollars over the life of your pet. 
That's a big drawback

But be realistic.  The chances are quite high that your pet, will have an injury or an illness .... or an expensive ongoing illness like diabetes, cancer, arthritis ... at least once or more during it's life time.

So, you will probably get much or most of your premium back in paid vet bills over the life of your pet. 

And with the right policy (I recommend "The Best Pet Insurance Ever" which is owned by Nationwide) you get
nearly unlimited care for your sick or injured pet if it becomes needed, to include major surgeries and rehab at veterinary college hospitals and speciality practices.

And, you won't have to think twice about paying for laser therapy,  radiographs, blood work, and other tests when your pet isn't feeling well. 

And I won't have to euthanize so many pets because you the treatment to make the pet comfortable was too expensive.

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