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Payment Policy

FEES at The FoxNest Veterinary Hospital

General Fees

Wellness Exams and general exams for the sick and injured $55
Wellness Exams for puppies and kittens $35
Post Purchase Puppy or Kitten Exam  $35
Quickly resolved mini-exam  $20-35
Quick pregnancy palpation:  $0-20
Vaccination and Exam Packages  $45-90

Recheck Exams needed in the first 3-4 weeks after seeing your pet for some problem are generally No Charge  IF

     1. No outstanding balance
     2. The patient gets it's annual exam and vaccine package with us
     3. The recheck exam is quick and easy

Emergency Fees:  this is a frustrating subject;  I need some time with my family,  but I don't want any animals to be miserable and I especially don't want any recent patient to be neglected, so I give out my home phone number to clients, but please don't call unless the problem is serious.

Emergency Fees

-to check on a recent patient - especially a recent surgical patient with something wrong:  $0-25 
-for regular patients; depending on convenience, the time, duration etc: 
-for new patients: $50-100
In addition, I charge $100 an hour after the first 45 minutes.

It's often better and less expensive if you have a major case needing all night care to go to the nearest 24 hour emergency hospital (near the Anderson Mall):  Anderson: Phone 222-2188  (Now open only to midnight)
Greenville: 233-7650  open 6pm to 8 am each night
Mauldin: 233-7650  open until midnight

$30/night plus cost of treatments for routine cases
$45 PLUS/night plus cost of treatments for intensive care

Euthanasia and Cremation:
We anesthetize patients prior to euthanasia to minimize fear, pain, and anxiety.  The entire process including legal disposal if desired is $85-100
Cremation is available and is done by the very reputable St Francis of Greenville.  $90-250

What to Expect if your Pet is Sick

Exam $55
Hospitalization if needed  $30/night
Lab work if needed  $16-150
Radiographs if needed   $120  ( a little extra if sedation needed)
Injections and medications: typically $10-100 per day while in the hospital
IV Fluids if needed   $55/day
Procedures & supplies such as enemas, bandaging, catheters etc  $0-50
Take home medications  $0-100

As you can see, quite a range all depending on what your pet needs.  But nonetheless, you can get a rough idea; most sick animals can be treated with good results for $75-400

          What to Expect if your Pet Needs Surgery                                          

We have special surgery package prices for spays and neuters that we do below cost to encourage everyone to spay and neuter their pet.  Please click here to go to our spay-neuter page

For other surgeries the fees all depend on the health status of the patient, how severe the surgical problem and lots of other factors.

But in general, most of our very minor surgeries at the FoxNest cost $45-100 and our more major procedures cost $250-700

But that's only for the surgery. It typically costs between $80-200 for all the other stuff involved in caring for a surgical patient.  These might include:
Pre-anesthetic check up/exam for vital signs $0-35
Hospitalization  $30-45/night
             Preanesthetic pain medication  $0-15
             Preanesthetic sedation $0-15
IV Fluids if needed  $55
Pre-anesthetic blood work (to test kidney & liver function, glucose, anemia, proteins) $60-120
             Either Injectable and/or Gas anesthesia $65-120
Digital Monitoring during the anesthetic and recovery period $0-22
Additional pain management as needed  $0-15
Post Op Oxygen therapy as needed $22
             Careful observation and care through recovery $0
Post Op antibiotics, antiseptics, other medications, restraints, to send home  $0-100
Follow up care, rechecks, and suture removal  $10 usually

Your pet may need just a few of the services listed above in order to have a safe and comfortable experience.  It will all depend.  Many of these services will be required and others are optional.    Please click here to go to our page discussing the costs vs benefits as well as the choices you will need to make for your pet if it needs surgery.

What to Expect if your Pet Needs Dentistry  

Most Pets:  Pet dentistry is a fairly big deal involving anesthesia and a good bit of time for both the dental technicians and the doctor.   Fee for everything involved range from $150-350 depending on the severity of the case, which anesthetic agents are needed, the blood work package we think is most appropriate and several other factors...... all of which are explained on our page about what to expect if your pet needs dentistry

More Information regarding costs on other pages on this site:

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The costs and choices you will need to make if your pet needs surgery or dentistry 

Boarding Fees 

Grooming Fees 

Payment Policy, Payment Options and Credit

Pay your vet bill online

On This Page:
I've listed the fees that we usually charge for many of the things we do and offer at our clinic to your right.

Also to your right, a rough idea of the costs to expect if your pet ...

... is Sick

... needs Surgery

... needs Dentistry

Listed Below:
Package Prices for annual wellness exams and vaccines as well
as spaying and neutering:

Kitten Wellness & Vaccine Packages

Puppy Wellness & Vaccine Packages

Dog Wellness & Vaccine Packages

Cat Wellness & Vaccine Packages

Low cost spay and neuter packages

Information about our Wellness Program

For Boarding fees please click here to go to our boarding page

For Grooming fees please go to our grooming page but grooming fees depend so much on how badly matted and so forth your pet might be, so it's better to phone and talk directly to the groomers at 882-4488

About the Products we offer and their cost
We don't mark our products up much and you'll find that our flea control products, heartworm medicines and so forth are usually priced better or very close to the least expensive products available on internet sites.

Many of our products are listed below:

Flea & Tick Control Products
Revolution Plus    Frontline Plus    Comfortis     CapStar 
  NexGard  Sentinel 

Heartworm Prevention Products 
Revolution Plus    TriHeart Plus    
ProHeart 12 month injection  Sentinel  

Intestinal Worm & Parasite Products
Panacur        Pyrantel-50mg    Revolution    Cestex  Virbantel
TriHeart Plus  NexGuard

Ear Care Products
FoxNest Ear Cleaner    Mometamax        Phytosphingosine    Hydroxyzine  Duralactin   OFA's 

Skin Care Products
  FoxNest Medicated Shampoo   Relief    OFA's    Zymox 
   FoxNest OatMeal Shampoo    Hydroxyzine     Exotic Diets    Hylyt Shampoo   Genesis Spray    BioGroom Natural Scented Shampoos  MaloKet 

Wound Care Products
Zymox   TriCideNeo    Nolvasan    Malotic    DermaGel    
Bag Balm
Fly Repellent    Vet Wrap

Oral Hygeine Products    
Biotene   CET Oral Gel   TD 

Digestive Disorder Products
ProPectalin    DigestRite    DiaRobe    CatLax       Pancrazyme   K-Pectin

Rimadyl    Adequan Injections
Tramadol  Laser Therapy 

Senior Care
Special Diets    Duralactin       OFA's

Behavioral Problems
Reconcile/Prozac   Feliway & Plug-Ins   Elimiodor    Forbid
ComposurePRO  Valarian Root  

OFA's      SAM-e    CranVet    MultiVitamins    PetTinic    Milk Replacer Bottles & Nipples        Reducing Diet    LeanTreats    
Prescription Therapy Diets

Odors, Stains & Shedding
Urine Off    The Equilizer    Eliminodor    Pet Candles    ThioTrol Skunk
OFA's    Phytosphingosine

Misc Products & Services
AllerPet for Humans     MicroChips   Pet Insurance  Pet Candles    Bag Balm
     Dog Appeasing Pheromone   Feliway Spray