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We take boarding seriously and want your pet to be as safe and as comfortable as possible.  Therefore: just like when you leave your children at camp there are few formalities and a few things it’s important to understand.

FoxNest will use all reasonable precautions against injury, escape, or demise of your pet, but pets in stressful or unusual situations sometimes panic, hurt themselves trying to escape, get diarrhea, attack other pets, get away from our handlers, and if they are being medicated, can experience negative reactions.  And of course, some pets are half crazy or hyper or unmanageable to start with making them even more likely to have problems.  And whenever multiple animals are housed in a kennel type situation, there is the possibility of catching a communicable disease or cold.  So there are risks and potential problems.  You understand this, right?

We minimize these potential problems by requiring up to date vaccines and parasite control. 

We hospitalize and reserve the right to give and charge for reasonable medical care should a pet be or get sick or injured while boarding here.  If your dog or cat is excessively agitated we reserve the right to administer a mild sedative.  Luckily, such problems aren’t too common, but you never know.  You understand this, right?

We generally allow any normal acting person to pick up your pet for you if they say they’re your neighbor or boyfriend  etc , so please tell us if you DON’T want certain people picking up your pet.  But please don’t get us in the middle of a divorce war.

Dogs and cats often soil themselves in cage situations.  Or soil their bedding.  So don’t be surprised if the blanket you brought is in the wash or if your pet is damp from being washed.

Please let us know if you want your pet to have extra care while it’s here:

Bathing before pick up is $10-30.  
Grooming is $25-100.  Please make sure the groomer knows what you want.

Veterinary exams are $20-40.  Please tell us what kind of problems your pet is having

Do we need to medicate your pet while it’s here?  ________________________

Special diet? ____________________________

Important requirements;

Vaccine History:  ___________________________________________
There is a charge for vaccinations if vaccine are due or status is unclear

Flea Control:  ______________________________
There is a charge for flea control if needed

Canine Heartworm Prevention for at least 3 months ____________________
There is a charge for a heartworm screen if needed ($14)

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