Our Boarding Camp for Big Dogs 

Our New FoxNest Inn 
for small dogs
and our 
Cute Bed & Breakfast 
Cottage for Cats

FoxNest Veterinary Hospital
Boarding Information at the FoxNest 

We are foremost a veterinary hospital, but we also have a small boarding business.

Being small means we can give your pet a fair amount of attention.

For dogs, we have walking trails and outdoor exercise pens. 
We play with the dogs, talk to them, and pet them.
We clean them up if they spill their water or soil themselves.
We make them as comfortable as possible. 

Our large dog building is not fancy, but it's clean and well ventilated, air conditioned and heated, and the pens have a door left open during the day to an outdoor pen

We also pet and play with the cats if they are willing.
We keep them clean and comfortable.
We have a cute little cottage for the cats with large walk in boarding rooms.  

And because our boarding facilities are associated with our veterinary hospital, we'll be glad to give any medications your pet needs.

And we'll be glad to take care of any medical, surgical, or grooming requests while your pet is here.

But, we need to warn you, being small means:  

Problem # 1:  We often book up well in advance, especially on holidays.  

Problem # 2:  We have limited hours for drop off and pick up. We are only open for 1 hour 
(4-5pm) on Sundays.  We simply can't afford to pay a receptionist and kennel person to hang around waiting when the clinic is closed.

So, if you can accept that we have limited hours for dropping off and picking up your pet ... we will bend over backwards to make your pet's stay with us a pleasant experience

Boarding Hours 

In general, you're welcome to drop off or pick up boarding pets whenever we're open which is usually: 

10 am - 5pm on weekdays 
10 am - 11am on Saturday mornings 

We are also open for just one hour on Sunday between 4-5 pm 

But, hours are more limited on HOLIDAYS; please check with the receptionist. 

Please understand that we don't usually make special arrangements to meet you at other hours...people are always requesting this service...and I understand why...their plane gets in at 6 pm Sunday evening...they can't get to the clinic until 9 pm Sunday, but they don't want to wait til Monday for their pet...They consider that a reasonable request, especially if they're a good client and friend of the practice, which so many of you are...BUT... I can't afford it without charging a lot more.
 It takes a minimum of two people at $12+ an hour each to deal with Sunday discharges. This is an especially irksome request when the reason given is that they don't want to spend the money for an extra night (but expect me to pay a receptionist double time to be away from her family for an hour) 

Some Basic Requirements and Rules
All these rules are designed to minimize the chance of spreading disease or parasite problems or to prevent escapes, injuries, 
mis-medications and so forth.

Proof that vaccinations are up to date if your pet gets vaccinated at another clinic. Otherwise we will charge you for vaccinating your pet.

Dogs are required to have had a kennel cough vaccination within 6 months of boarding.
We can give your dog this vaccine for $14 on the day you drop your dog off for boarding if needed but it will work better if given at least 3 days prior to boarding.

We will charge you $18-25 to apply an appropriate flea and tick medication to your pet if you haven't already done so or if we see any parasites while boarding.

We will charge you $18 to test your dog for heartworms if you aren't using heartworm preventive

We will reject your pet for boarding if it's coughing, has diarrhea, has upper respiratory cold symptoms or otherwise looks like it has a medical problem that might be contagious to nearby pets.

If your pet becomes ill while boarding, we reserve the right to hospitalize and treat this pet in a reasonable manner.

We will reject your pet for boarding if it's excessively aggressive, filthy, or uncontrollable

Cats need to be brought in pet carriers

And finally, we require a responsible adult to sign our boarding consent form  Click here to review this simple consent form.  I put it on a separate page designed to print out and pre-sign if you want.

That's all the rules, but here are some suggestions and comments:

You're welcome to bring toys and blankets and so forth, but please don't over do it.  (we provide towels and mats for your pets).  We try to keep track of the blankets and sweat shirts and so forth that people bring, but if we have to put them in the laundry, we sometimes lose them.

If your pet needs medication or special care, please don't assume that we'll know; Please write it down in a neat and organized fashion.  

Also please write down any emergency phone numbers where we can get a hold of you.

Let us know if your pet has any problems that we need to be aware of such as limping, seizures, or minor wounds so that our kennel people don't wonder if it's a new problem that our doctors need to look at.

Give us permission to sedate your pet if it panics during thunderstorms and so forth

Camp DogWood
Boarding Camp for Dogs

Come and take look; behind the red door it's open and airy, clean and comfortable.

On This Page:

Introduction and welcome

Boarding Drop-Off 
& Pick-Up Hours

Some basic requirements and rules

About Miss Kitty's Bed
& Breakfast

Our Boarding Consent Form
Please print this out and bring with you when you drop off your pets for boarding.

Boarding Fees

Miss Kitty's Bed & Breakfast for Cats: 

For cats, we have a separate, cute little building away from the dogs with large ccat rooms big enough for humans to walk in. 

Prices range from $20 a night 
Additional cats sharing a room is $15 

We provide Hill's cat food fed free choice. But we will gladly feed anything else if you provide it. 

We require all cats to have been treated for fleas to help ensure that fleas aren't introduced into our cat house. Otherwise we apply it on your cat's arrival.  

All cats must be current on all vaccines
We can give them at the clinic at the time of boarding if they're due. 

If vaccines were given somewhere else...we need verification...we have learned that many people are liars or grossly mistaken about when their pets last had vaccines.

We are trying very hard not to allow diseased pets into our boarding areas.

We reserve the right to turn a pet away if it looks sick, has obvious diarrhea or respiratory disease. We will gladly accept it as a patient in the hospital, but not as a boarder. 

We are relatively small...book early for weekends and holidays.


I'll get the exact fees down soon but in general, the fees range from $20-25 (tax included) a night depending on the size of your pet and the size of the pen you choose.

And sometimes there are some extra expenses added on if your pet needs vaccines, parasite control, a bath and so forth.  See the short list of requirements at your right.

A Special Note: We are simply not set up for dealing with mean or crazy dogs. Or dogs that for whatever reason are not likely to be controlled on a leash. 
And we reserve the right to refuse dogs that are filthy, full of parasites, have diarrhea or respiratory disease or in some other way seem to pose a more than normal risk to our staff or other boarders. 

Hey, most of this page is a bit of a turn off what with rules and requirements.   

Of course, rules are important.

But relax, we're here to please both you and your pet.

Click here to preview the boarding consent form

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