Services we provide at the FoxNest Veterinary Hospital

We love what we do and are continuously going to continuing education meetings, making improvements in our facilities, our treatment protocols, and our communication skills.

And we are trying very hard to be the local clinic where you and your pet are most likely to have a very successful experience.

A detailed list of contents is in the column to your left.  Below a summary of what we offer:


I think we have about the most friendly, personable, knowledgable, and helpful reception staff possible.  Call us at 882-4488

Or...we now have Online Pet Medical Records available and the ability to make apppointments, comments, and requests on line.Click here to go to the VetStreet site that makes this possible

Preventive Medicine
About our Wellness Exams
Vaccination packages and recommendations
Heartworm Prevention in dogs and cats
Parasite control
Screening lab work and imaging
Prophylactic Dentistry
Spaying and Neutering

Our Surgical Services
Information and details about different surgeries
Instructions for before and after Surgery
Anesthesia and surgery consent form

Treatment of the Sick and Injured
Lots of information
Hospitalization and Treatment consent form
Management and Treatment of allergies, ear infections, arthritis, obesity, digestive disorders, parasites, urinary tract problems, kidney disease and many other problems

Dental Services
Information and details about the importance of oral health care
Instructions for before and after Dentistry

Laboratory Services
About our extensive laboratory
About the importance of blood work prior to anesthetic procedures
Help with laboratory interpretation

Digital Radiology, UltraSound & Laser Therapy
Senior Heart Health radiographs
Senior Joint & Spine Health radiographs
Senior Cancer and Stone Detection radiographs
The miracle of high power medical laser therapy now available

Other Services
Microchips, euthanasia, boarding, grooming, and lots of information our websites and FaceBook Page.  See links to your left or at bottom of page.

Referral Services
UpState Veterinary Specialists
Magnolia Animal Hospital in Anderson: 24 hour intensive care unit
Georgia University Veterinary School
Athens Georgia Animal Eye Care Clinic: Dr Pentlarge

Products we Offer

Flea & Tick Products we Recommend
Heartworm Prevention Products
Skin Care Products & the management of allergies

Ear Care Products & ear allergies
Gastro-Intestinal Care Products
Wound Care Products

Oral Hygiene Products
Odor Control Products
Behavior Management
Misc Products

Nutrition Supplements & Diets we recommend
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  About The Services                                 We Provide At The FoxNest Veterinary Hospital
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Wound CareOral Hygeine      Digestive DisorderSenior CareBehavioral ProblemsOdors, Stains & SheddingMisc Products & Services

Nutrition as Therapy:     Our recommended diets for:     Skin Allergies    Kidney Disease     Bladder Problems     Weight Issues     Pancreatitis      Diabetes   
Heart Disease     Recovery Diets from Illness or Major Surgery    Liver Challanges     Intestinal Disorders

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