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Duoxo:  There's more about this funny sounding product in the column on your left, but it really helps crusty, cracked, or otherwise damaged skin to heal well.  Human cosmetic surgeons use it on women's faces and other parts of the body that need to look nice to minimize post op scars, tucks, and wrinkles.  Not many people are familiar with it, but it's a neat product.

FoxNest Aloe & OatMeal Shampoo with Coconut and Almond Oil:  Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo provides relief from itchy, scaling and sensitive skin and contains emollients to restore the skin's natural moisture.

- It;s hypoallergenic, detergent and soap-free.
- It's alcohol and Animal Fat Free
- Very pleasant scent and lathers well and rinses easily
- Use as often as needed without stripping the coat

But what makes this shampoo extra special is almond oil which has healing properties to damaged skin, especially when combined with aloe vera. 

FoxNest EFA Deordorizing Shampoo:  This is a very high quality moisturizing shampoo best for dogs or cats with dry, flaky skin and coats. Very pleasant sweet pea and vanilla scent

FoxNest Medicated Shampoo:  I really like this shampoo for many skin problems like mild bacterial and yeast infections, and greasy or flakey skin.  Good at removing dead skin, cleaning out pores, and killing excessive bacteria and yeast.  Yet gentle enough to the skin to be used frequently  $12

FoxNest Nusaderm-T Shampoo:  Our most potent medicated shampoo.  Contains 3% salicyclic acid, coal tar, and menthol.  Also emollients and conditioners to make it less harsh. 
The most effective shampoo for dogs with greasy, infected, and crusty skin conditions.  $15

FoxNest Keto-C Shampoo:  This is the strongly medicated shampoo we use for pets with severe fungal, ringworm and yeast infections.  $22

A note about our FoxNest Branded Products;  it makes me feel like a big shot to have products with our company name on the label but the reality is that we simply buy enough cases of these products from the company that actually makes them to qualify for private labeling.  But we buy these particular products in quantity because we really like the product, not because we like being a big shot.

Zymox Rinse:  There's a company that makes shampoos, wound creams, skin rinses, and ear drops out of enzymes that literally digests dead skin, bacteria, yeast, ringworm, fungus, and pus.  They work amazing well on some conditions where more traditional medicated products aren't working as well as hoped.  I'm especially impressed with their product for ear infections.

I'm also impressed with their skin rinse. The company intended for owners to first shampoo their pet with their enzyme shampoo to really get the skin clean.  And then after rinsing off all the suds, to apply their non-sudsing skin rinse product, leaving a residue of enzymes to help control bacteria and yeast between shampooing.

That's a good approach, but I prefer substituting the appropriate FoxNest Medicated Shampoo for the Zymox shampoo.  Half the price for one thing.  But I do like the idea of using Zymox Rinse in between shampooing.

But what I really like Zymox Rinse for is using it like a medicated lotion, especially on pets that are difficult to shampoo. 
Zymox products are fairly expensive and the Rinse is $22

Genesis Spray: is by far the most potent steroid spray available for itching.  It works as well as oral prednisone but with far fewer side effects.

It contains Triamcinolone in a special formula that binds to the skin well which prevents internal absorption and makes it longer acting.

When Gentocin or Baytril antibiotics are added, it’s very effective at treating hot spots or extremely sore and red ear lobes.

Apply twice daily for the first 3-7 days then use once daily or as needed.

BioGroom Natural Scent Shampoo with Aloe Vera and Soothing Chamomile

"Created to stir the senses, Bio-Groom Natural Scents captivate by sight, smell and experience! "

"Our bottles enchant and catch the eye. Our scents rouse the emotions.  Bathing is a complete delight! It's a win, win, and win opportunity".  (I'm just quoting the company ad here)

Made from natural ingredients with added Chamomile and Aloe Vera, Bio-Groom Natural Scents shampoos are mild and soap free.

They clean thoroughly and rinse effortlessly leaving the coat soft, shiny, and with a natural, clean exciting scent!

Ignite the imagination with Bio-Groom Natural Scents Summer Peach,
Crisp Apple, Country Freesia, White Ginger, or Wild Honeysuckle.

I personally think the above description, while true, is a little silly but I sell BioGroom because it’s so popular, especially with the show dog people and people who really like a sweet smelling, fluffy pet.  My wife really likes the White Ginger.  $8

The Furminater:  This expensive, German made, ceramic blade comb is the best under coat remover we've ever used.  Excellent for many breeds and not so good for other hair coats so feel free to try it out on your cat or dog the next time you're at the clinic.  Removing all the loose hair makes skin healthier, greatly reduces shedding and vacuuming, and makes your pet look a lot better.  $30-50

FoxNest Keto-C Wipes:  For spot treatment of ringworm and infected patches of skin.  Also toes, vaginal, and anal areas. 

FoxNest Chlorhexidine Flush:  Chlorhexidine Flush is great for wound cleaning and post surgery.  We often add additional antibiotics and sometimes steroids to this flush to make it even more effective. 

FoxNest Omega Chews:  Supplementing your pet's diet with high quality Omega fatty acids can really help with shedding, dander, and improving general skin health.  The frustrating part is that the improvement is big and wonderful and obvious only about 25% of the time.  It takes about a 1-2 months of supplementation to see if your pet is one of the lucky 25%.

Omegaderm:  This is a competing product to our FoxNest Branded Omega Chews.  Omegaderm is probably the very best quality omega fatty acid product available.  And it's less expensive .

But it's not in a fun to give chewable treat.  Omegaderm is an oily liquid that you put over your pet's food each day.  Most dogs and cats like it.  The success rate is about the same... about a quarter to a third of the skin cases we treat with Omegaderm get significantly better.

Skin Care Products
that we recommend
Nothing makes a pet more miserable than itchy, inflammed, and unhealthy skin.  And no one wants a pets who is always scratching, sheds, and smells terrible.

If you want your pet to have a great coat, minimal shedding, and supple, healthy skin, here's what you need:

1.  General internal health:  You aren't likely to have healthy skin and hair if you're suffering from internal parasites or chronic disease.

2.  Good nutrition:  You aren't likely to have healthy skin and hair if not eating a healthy diet.
Visit our page about nutrition

3.  The luck of good genetics and the luck of not being excessively allergic

4.  Aggressive control of external parasites like fleas, ticks, lice, and mange.
Visit our page about external parasite control

But you also have to be willing to put a little effort into grooming and skin care.  That's what this page is all about with a summary of the skin care products we think are the very best available.


Douxo is a "hot" treatment being used by human dermatologists for treating damaged skin, wrinkles, and seborrhea.

Phytosphingosine is  naturally present in skin
and is highly effective on seborrheic conditions
It's also antimicrobial
& anti-inflammatory
$4.00 a tube which is applied weekly.

Thiotrol removes skunk odor better than anything else we’ve tried.

Skunk musk is composed primarily of seven ingredients, six of which are sulfur-containing thiols that give the skunk musk its awful smell.

In order to get rid of skunk odor on pets, the thiols and thioacetates need to be either physically removed from the coat or chemically altered.

Oxidizing agents such a bleach and hydrogen peroxide work fairly well with multiple applications, but aren’t safe and can change the hair color of a pet.

Chelation is the best way  to chemically alter thiols molecues and that’s how Thiotrol works; it renders the thiols odorless faster and quicker than any other method.

Shampoo  $8
Spray:      $8

AllerPet Cat and AllerPet Dog are made for people who are allergic to their pets

These products enzymatically remove the skin and coat of saliva, dander, and sebaceous gland secretions which are considered to be the prime antigens causing some people to be allergic to pets.

AllerPet C and AllerPet D are 100% non toxic for kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs and a $16 bottle will last several months.

If someone in your family is allergic to pets, make them much more comfortable by simply rubbing a little AllerPet on your pet’s coat once a day.

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