Parasites, like the many slackers in our society,  are a fact of life.  So we deal with it.  

Fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, ear mites, mange mites,  flies, and heartworms are the most common pests we have to deal with in order to keep our family and our pets comfortable and safe.

Heartworm disease is a major problem in dogs and cats in our part of the country.  This page is about  the products we recommend for preventing this awful disease.

Let's sort them out starting with the least expensive:

HeartGard Plus and TriHeartPlus (Generic heartgard) Heartworm Prevention for Dogs & Cats:  There are several different brand names of generic heartworm products now available since the original HeartGuard's patent ran out .  
TriHeart Plus is one of those and made by the very major and reputable company of Schering Plough famous for their vaccines and microchips.  That's the brand we sell.

This product is very inexpensive and very effective at preventing heartworms.  

Positives:  Inexpensive, works just as well as all the other products we recommend. Once a month chewable tablet with almost no bad side effects

Negatives:  it only does the one thing well; prevent heartworms.
It also helps control intestinal worms... but not well

Proheart 6 or 12 month injection:  After a few hiccups getting approved as safe and effective, Proheart 6 is now available in the United States, inexpensive (about the same price or less than generic Heartguard) and works great.  World wide, this is the most popular heartworm preventive of all.

Positives: inexpensive, works well, and it solves the problem of busy and/or unorganized people forgetting to give the monthly tablet each month.
It is also quite effective at controlling intestinal worms

Negatives:  none except that you may want the convenience of one of the products below that also control fleas and other pests at the same time.
There are internet rumors of health hazards that I'm pretty sure are bogus. Millions of dogs world wide have been treated with this product with fewer problems than most medications in this class.

Note:  ProHeart 12 month injection is now available. 

Sentinel: This is a monthly tablet for dogs and does a great job of heartworm prevention, intestinal worm control, and while it doesn't kill any adult fleas or ticks, Sentinel does a great job of sterilizing fleas so that you don't get a flea problem in your home or yard (as long as all the pets that hang out at your place are being treated)
This is often an adequate choice for many dogs and less expensive than other choices.  

Revolution Plus:  This is my favorite recommendation for cats, especially now (Feb 2019) that the new improved "Plus" version is available.  Revolution is super safe and convenient and pretty much solves all your cat's parasite's problems to include near perfect flea control, great tick control as well as  heartworms, intestinal worms, ear mites, and mange.  Highly recommended for all cats but especially for any cats with outdoor exposure.

DOGS: The new Revolution Plus is not yet available for dogs and as both fleas and ticks have become fairly resistant to the old Revolution, I am no longer recommending Revolution as the best choice for dogs.

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We offer 5 different products that protect your dogs and cats from heartworm disease.

All of them are once a month products except for the new ProHeart 6 month injection. 

All of them work well against heartworms but some of them also work well for other parasite problems which explains the price difference

Trifexis:  Once a month chewable tablet: near perfect flea control, heartworm prevention, and intestinal worm control.

Positives: I'll say it again...near perfect flea control.  Once a month chewable tablet.  perfect flea control.   Effective heartworm control.  And very good control of intestinal worms.

Negatives:  Expensive. About $20 a month.
Trifexis is safe, but about 1 out of 10 dogs are a little nauseated or even upchuck after taking this tablet especially if given on an empty stomach.
This  medication suffers from internet rumors of causing drastic side effects. I'm pretty sure these rumors are bogus.

My best recommendation for dogs:  NexGard for flea and tick control and the new ProHeart Injection for heartworm control.

My best recommendation for cats:  Revolution Plus

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Buy online if you like.  We are now in partnership with VetsFirstChoice online pharmacy.  It helps our business if you buy from them and it saves you the $5 prescription fee.  They promise to keep prices and services competitive with 800PetMeds and other online pharmacies.
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Heartworm Prevention 
Dogs & Cats
Revolution does at least a fair job at controlling many parasite problems and the respiratory disease (caused by heartworms) and enteritis (inflammation of the bowel) caused by intestinal worms.  
It's a great choice for both dogs and cats
12 month injection now available too
    The new ProHeart Injection is better, less expensive, and more convenient than the once a month tablets.  Highly recommended