Class 4 Medical Laser Therapy
now available
at the
FoxNest Veterinary

Our Amazing Laser

We now have a medical therapy laser that we can use to make your pet


AND can sometimes be successfully used as an alternative to surgery, steroids, and chronic pain medications.

Laser therapy is helpful to very helpful with:

upper respiratory infections,
anal gland infections
ear hematomas
snake bites

It's very helpful for wound healing 
ringworm lesions
toe nail fungus
tissue and bone healing 
joint inflammation and arthritis

post surgical pain and post dental discomfort

Basically anything that's swollen, painful, inflamed, or infected.

Dr Dunigan, Dr Hunnicutt, our veterinary technicians, and I are very, very excited about having this laser.... and as you can see from the list of medical problems it can treat... for good reason.

As the video clips indicate, newly approved class 4 medical lasers shoot enough energy at effective wave lengths deep enough into tissue to greatly increase:

local circulation
lymphatic drainage of fluid
cellular wastes and toxins
increases oxygen exchange
increases cellular nourishment and waste exchange
and greatly stimulates intracellular metabolism.

Not only is this rather amazing, it's rather universal in treating so many different disease problems. 

It's as revolutionary as the microwave oven.... which is a very good analogy, because the science is very similar; both involve shooting light energy of very small wave lengths into organic material and causing an effect.

So, don't be surprised if you bring your pet in for treatment of anything infected, inflammed or painful that we will now be offering and
recommending laser therapy

What's involved:  For acute injuries, swellings, and to prevent swelling and inflammation after surgery or dentistry, just one or two treatments are needed.  The cost is just $10-15 per treatment

For chronic problems like joint pain, anal glands, ear infections, arthritis, nerve problems... or for major wound healing, your pet will need to be treated every 1-4 days for at least several times.  The package cost is $50 for 6 visits.

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Note: we now have a FaceBook page (Foxnest Veterinary) and in addition to comments, stories, pictures of our stray pets needing homes, and much more, there are videos posted about laser therapy

This amazing therapy will probably become more and more available to human patients in the United States soon.

Rehab centers are using lasers now. 

Most professional sports teams and the US Olympic team are using lasers now.

Many chiropractors and acupuncturists are now using lasers.

Laser therapy just recently got approved for treating toe nail fungus in the United States.

Probably the biggest reason most human physcians aren't yet using laser therapy much is because it's not yet covered by most medical insurancecompanies.

That may change soon as insurance companies realize that laser therapy is often better and cheaper than traditional treatments.