Daytime: 9-6 Weekdays or 9-1 on Saturdays

If you have a badly injured or sick pet during office hours, you're welcome to simply bring in your pet and we'll take care of you on a priority basis.  But try to phone first to make sure we're not tied up in surgery and so we can prepare for your arrival.  Our phone number is 864- 882-4488.

After hours and holidays:

Phone me at home. If I'm home I'll answer the phone and will be glad to help you. But Please...don't abuse this service; don't call me at home about routine or minor problems.

And please...just the pertinent facts; I don't have time to hear long stories about how little Bitsy used to belong to your aunt and then she lost her job etc. Emergency service and time is expensive.

I'm afraid to put my home phone number on the internet, but I will gladly give it out to our clients at the clinic.

If I'm not home; Don't rely on me checking messages

If I'm not home; there is an emergency veterinary clinic in Anderson open all night and on weekends and holidays. 

The emergency clinic is also a better choice for cases likely to need intensive care, transfusions, emergency surgery, and so forth through out the night or weekends when I don't have a full staff available.

Their phone number is 864-222-2188

There is another 24 emergency clinic in Greenville open at night and on holidays.  Their phone number is 864-232-1878

And all my local colleagues are nice, competent veterinarians, and may be available to help:

Dr Oliver, Dr Stroud (Walhalla)  638-5436

Dr Moore (Seneca near the High School)  882-8747

Dr Holland (Bounty Land) 882-7893

Dr Kathy Jordan (CrossRoads) 972-9994

Dr Joy Morris & Dr Mary Nan Ellenberg (Townville) 287-4867

Dr Katie Magley (Westminster) 647-7877

Dr Hutchinson (Pendleton) 646-7171

Dr Derek Lindsey  (Clemson) 654-4204

Dr Nathan Craddock  (Clemson)  624-8824

Dr Shane Turner  (Clemson) 654-4410

POISON Control Centers

Poison Control: 800-922-1117 or 800-345-4735

Animal Poison Control: 888-426-4435 (fees may apply)

Animal Poison Hotline: 888-232-8870 ($35 fee)

Animal Poison Control Web Site: www.aspca.org/apcc

Usually the best bet is simply to call us and tell the receptionist you think your pet has been poisoned and we'll talk to you right away.

If it's after hours and I'm not answering my home phone, call the 24 hour clinic in Anderson at  222-2188

For pets that you find injured but aren't yours: I'll be glad to help and at least give first aid to make the animal more comfortable, but this is not a free service.

It's not at all a lack of compassion on my part, but unfortunately this is a very common request and medical care is expensive. Such cases are, however, heavily discounted...but think about it, on a badly injured animal found on the road, we'll easily use at least $100 worth of IV Fluids, medications, anesthesia, and surgical supplies just to give the creature a decent chance of recovery.

There's another problem, and it's a legal one: I'm not supposed to treat pets without an owner's permission except for emergency first aid. This is a problem when someone hits a neighborhood pet with their car and the owner can't be located. HooBoy.

Here are some more phone numbers of people that are sometimes helpful, but understand that there isn't much money or a formal system for dealing with injured pets without owners.

Oconee County Animal Control: 638-8798

Pickens County Animal Control: 843-9693

Anderson County Animal Control: 260-5576

Oconee Environmental Health: 638-4185  These are the people you're supposed to phone if A PERSON gets bitten by a dog

After hours: the Sheriff is supposed to deal with serious animal situations that present a public health risk such as a loose bull or boar wondering the neighborhood.

Oconee County Sheriff: 638-4111

Pickens County Sheriff: 868-2603

Wild Life Emergencies
Area Wildlife Officer: 1-800-922-5431 This will get you the state DNR who will direct you to the nearest available rehab volunteer. They will often help you with any injured wild animal but, officially, there is only time and funds for endangered animals. You can also drop off injured wildlife at the FoxNest when we're open...we'll make the animal comfortable and treat injuries as a free service.

Another number to try is the SC Dept of Resources: Wild Life Division:
In our area: 864-654-6738      In Greenville: 864-322-0108
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