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      Please click here if your pet is having dentistry or any surgery other than spaying or neutering  

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Dental Services       Preparation & Choices to Make Prior to Anesthesia       Consent Form for Dentistry

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Skin Care 

Ear Health and Comfort

Flea and Tick Control 

Intestinal worms


Arthritis and Joint Health Products

Wound Care

Oral Hygeine    

Digestive Disorders

Senior Care

Behavioral Problems

Odors, Stains & Shedding

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Nutrition as Therapy: Comments about Therapeutic Diets

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Skin Allergies    
Kidney Disease     
Bladder Problems     
Weight Issues     
Heart Disease     
Recovery Diets from Illness or Major Surgery     
Liver Challanges    
Intestinal Disorders 

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Our No Kill Pet Shelter
We operate a volunteer run no kill shelter at our facility.  It's pretty successful and we find homes for over 300 pets each year... an average of about 1 for every day that we're open.  But the need for fresh volunteers willing to love, walk, and help clean up .... as well as the need for operating funds, is constant.  Please help.  Or at least visit the site and peek at the pictures of our latest pets needing a new, loving home. (Thanks to super volunteer Janet Kowalski for keeping the pictures current in addition to everything else she does to help keep our shelter pets clean, comfortable, and happy.)

The Animal Pet Doctor
This was my original web site where I wrote down just about everything I knew about treating different diseases, about the history of veterinary medicine, about the human-animal bond, and many related subjects.

Our Face Book Page
Where we have pictures of pets needing to be adopted.  Where I preach about pet care and responsibity.
Where I talk about the Human Animal Bond.  Lots of great pictures, cartoons, comments, and short videos.  AND about our monthly promotions.
We're very proud of our growing practice and all the services we offer.

We do our very best to follow the Golden Rule treating you and your pet as we would like to be treated.

We try very hard to make the veterinary part of your pet experience friendly, fun & compassionate. 

We're passionate about offering quality medical care at reasonable fees.

We love what we do.

And we love the way our community ... including people that go to other local vets... have become involved in helping make our no kill shelter a success.

Please join us in helping take care of our stray pets.

We hope you enjoy our web sites.

Thanks so much, 
DR's Roger Ross
and Adri Casagrande

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About our ProductsOur recommendations for:   Skin Care  Ear Health and ComfortFlea and Tick Control Intestinal wormsArthritis and Joint Health 
Wound CareOral Hygeine      Digestive DisorderSenior CareBehavioral ProblemsOdors, Stains & SheddingMisc Products & Services

Nutrition as Therapy:     Our recommended diets for:     Skin Allergies    Kidney Disease     Bladder Problems     Weight Issues     Pancreatitis      Diabetes     
Heart Disease     Recovery Diets from Illness or Major Surgery     Liver Challanges     Intestinal Disorders 

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The Animal Pet Doctor  My site about the treatment of different diseases, about the history of veterinary medicine, and The Human Animal Bond.