Informed Consent for Hospitalization & Medical Treatment 

Owner’s Name______________________          Pet__________              Phone________________

I, being responsible for the above described animal have the authority to grant you my consent to care for, treat, and medicate my pet.

I understand the treatment contemplated is____________________________.

At our hospital, we practice high standards of care, we're passionate about getting every sick or injured patient better, and we treat pets gently and with love ... even if the pet doesn't feel the same way about us.  We try to minimize stress and make patients as comfortable as possible.  And we listen to your concerns and we'll discuss everything we do for your pet and give you frequent updates on your pet's conditon and progress. 

But if your pet is sick enough to warrant hospitalization, the situation deserves serious concern. Of course I understand that there are some risks:

FoxNest will use all reasonable precautions against injury, escape or demise of your pet, but animals in stressful or unusual situations sometimes panic, hurt themselves trying to escape, get stress related diarrhea, attack other patients, get away from our handlers, and can experience negative reactions to medications.  Such things are risks that you assume.

One of the biggest risks is missing a hidden medical problem.  We can greatly reduce this risk and perform a much higher quality of medical care by performing laboratory tests and radiographs, but such things cost money.  We will recommend whatever we think will be beneficial for your pet but you will have to decide whether or not to risk less expensive care.

Another risk is not treating borderline patients aggressively enough in order to save money.  IV Fluids, special diets, supplements, laser therapy, pain management, and oxygen therapy are all examples of treatments that sometimes make the difference between a successful or bad outcome.  Once again, you will have to decide based on your budget and you need to be willing to accept a little extra risk if recommended treatment is declined.

I acknowledge that life and health can be fragile: Sometimes even great medical care is unsuccessful.  And all medications, vaccines, and medical treatments occasionally cause bad side effects or complications

Fleas, Ticks, and Filth:  If your pet has fleas, ticks, or is covered in mud, mats, burrs, and so forth; we may charge you for a bath and/or parasite control.

I’m a responsible adult and understand that providing good medical care can be expensive.   I also understand that there are risks of failure or complications, especially if I choose to decline recommended blood work, radiographs, and aggressive treatment.