This is the web site of the FoxNest Veterinary Hospital in beautiful Upstate South Carolina.  

We love taking care of pets, and while we started out as a very small clinic in 1984, we have grown into a very busy hospital with 2 veterinarians and a staff of over 20 plus several pre-vet & vet tech students in training.

Our goals are simple: to treat our clients respectfully and fairly, and to treat our patients with compassion, knowledge, and skill.

We try to do this at a reasonable cost without cutting corners; we try to make the whole experience for both you and your pet 
as convenient and pleasant as possible, and we try very hard to 
be informative, explain all your options, and to listen to your concerns.

This web site is designed to help answer a lot of your questions, curiosity, and concerns.  I hope you enjoy it.  The list of contents is displayed on your left and at the bottom of the page.
Feel free to drop by the clinic to talk or look around or phone to ask questions.  864-882-4488            

But, before you go, know that ... 

We now have Rapport, an Online Service where you get to see your pet's records, communicate with us, and make appointments.

We now offer Laser Therapy.  Our state of the art, class four medical laser greatly reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling.  It speeds healing time for wounds, injuries, and incisions.  It's also very effective in conjunction with or instead of medications for arthritis and other chronic conditions

We have a great Grooming Service !

We have very nice Boarding facilities with a cute "Bed & Breakfast Inn" just for cats, a separate, pleasant building for smaller dogs, and a big boarding kennel for larger dogs with air conditioned indoor-outdoor runs.

We share our facilities with an all volunteer, No Kill Pet Shelter ... more about  this a few paragraphs below...

We have a very active and interesting FaceBook Page

And finally...

I hope you will visit my original web site where I discuss the veterinary profession, the pet food industry, veterinary history, the human animal bond, and pretty much everything I know about treating many different pet diseases. 
The web address is AnimalPetDoctor.com  Take a peek.

Thanks again,  Roger Ross DVM

We look forward to meeting you and taking great care of your better than human companions.

Our receptionists will be glad to answer most of your 
non-medical questions    So feel free to call...864-882-4488.  

But please be a little patient...we often have only one or two receptionists, who, in addition to answering the phones, are often dealing with excited children, anxious pets, and helping to keep us organized.  Not an easy job.

Our eMail address is FoxNestRecords@yahoo.com if you have records from another vet to send us... or something interesting to send us, but we're not set up to make appointments, answer medical questions and so forth by email so please use the phone for anything important.

     We're All God's Creatures       
Compassionate Care for Pets Since 1984
          FoxNest Veterinary              Hospital & No Kill Shelter

FoxNest.info      864 882-4488
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Pet Insurance

Our WildLife Page

Prices and Fees

Payment Policies

Parasites in Pets
About fleas, ticks, heartworms, mites, mange, and all sorts of intestinal parasites

Why we recommend such an aggressive program for controlling intestinal worms in pets 

Dr Ross' web site about veterinary history, the pet food industry, the human-animal bond, and the treatment of diseases, injuries, and problems in pets

"The soul is healed by being with children"  ... Fyodor Dostoevsky

"The soul is healed by being with pets"  
... Roger Ross DVM

A Little About our No Kill Pet Shelter
We started a non-profit, no-kill pet shelter many years ago and now, with the help of lots of volunteers from our community, we clean up, treat, test, vaccinate, neuter, and find homes for over 300 pets a year. The shelter is officially called the Animal Rescue Fund of South Carolina, but everyone calls it "ARF" and it all takes place on the grounds of The FoxNest Hospital.  Come take a look.  

Or look at the separate web site we have at www.ARF-SC.org.  It includes pictures of all the pets needing homes, lots of information and stories, a schedule of fund raising events, a secure link for donations, and some preaching about pet owner responsibility. Thanks to volunteer Janet Kowalski for keeping this site current and interesting.
Current Hours 
Mon., Tues., Thurs. - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Weds. & Fri. - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
*If your animal needs to be seen on Friday, call ahead!
Saturday - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
NOTE: We are not accepting drop-offs at this time. If you feel your pet needs to be seen, call ahead so we can discuss the issues and determine if an appointment is needed.
Meet our staff ...
Roger Ross - Senior Veterinarian
Claudia McNair - Assisting Veterinarian
Bonnie Chait - Head Nurse and General Manager
Sarah Fletcher - Groomer and Assistant Manager
Melissa Gibson - Head Receptionist      

New Revolution Plus for Cats is available.  With added Sarolaner... a new class of safe and extremely effective pesticide, Revolution Plus now does everything the old Revolution did (heartworms, ear mites, intestinal worms) but now also controls ticks ... including those that spread Lymes disease... and does a near perfect job of controlling fleas.  And it's less expensive.  My number 1 choice for flea and general parasites control in cats.
Highly recommended for dogs and even slightly less expensive:
Looking for flea and tick preventatives? Check these out ...
Updated 7-22-2020
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The Animal Pet Doctor  My site about the treatment of different diseases, about the history of veterinary medicine, and The Human Animal Bond.     

We now offer online purchasing of medicines, heartworm prevention, flea control tablets... and prescription diets too... in partnership with VetsFirstChoice.  They promise to have prices, discounts, and coupons competitive with 800 Pet Meds and other veterinary online pharmacies.  This should be seamless with quick approval and no extra prescription fees.