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Low Cost Spay-Neuter Surgeries

Like all my local colleagues (other vets in our area) we encourage all pet owners to spay or neuter their pets. 

This is, of course, to help reduce the problem of unwanted & stray cats and dogs roaming our neighborhoods.  

Unwanted, free roaming pets are at great peril to disease and injury.  

And hundreds of pets are “destroyed” each month at our county shelter each month.

In this spirit, we offer anesthesia and surgery prices below cost for routine castration & spaying of young, healthy, non-pregnant pets. 

The total fee ranges from just $75 for male cats to $110 for female dogs including basic anesthesia and the surgery.

We also accept spay and neuter certificates from all the local shelters and the county which have their own fund raisers or tax money.

Male cat: $75     Male dog: $85                        Female cat: $90      Female dog: $110

But, like all vets,  to be able to offer such low all inclusive prices, we skip all but the very basics.  The basics include:

1.  A basic pre surgical exam to make sure the pet's vital signs are okay (no charge if this pet is already a regular patient; otherwise $20  we don't ever anesthetize an animal without first making sure of their underlying health)

2.  Preanesthetic sedation to reduce patient anxiety, pain, and amount of anesthetic

3.  Injectable anesthesia

4.  The surgical procedure

5.  Observation and a warm blanket until the pet recovers.  This includes a night in the hospital for females.  The surgery for males is minor enough that most male patients go home the same day.

6.  Removal of sutures if needed 2 weeks after the surgery

For the vast majority of young, healthy pets, the basic are adequate.  Most of our low cost patients do fine and are back to normal within a day or two.

But, if having the lowest price possible isn't your main goal, we encourage you to add on a few extras... things that no human surgeon would ever consider omitting .. because they are things designed to improve safety, recovery, and comfort.

Here's what NOT included for the low, discounted fee that we encourage you to request... especially for females  ( a spay procedure is pretty major surgery):

1.  Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work:  used to detect liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease, & anemia.  This is recommended for ALL anesthetic procedures unless already done recently.  Cost: $52

2.  I.V. Fluids: Provides immediate access for emergency medications should they be needed but recommended mostly because surgery is a MAJOR & EXHAUSTING STRESS to the body.  Dehydration of tissue is of great concern in some surgeries. 
IV fluids minimize stress, dehydration, & kidney toxicity.  They minimize blood pressure and recovery problems.  Cost: $45

3.  Digital Monitoring:  we have the latest in computerized, digital monitoring equipment at the FoxNest.  Our equipment performs continuous EKG, Core Body Temperature, Resp rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and CO2 concentration… all the things we need to know instantly and continuously if your pet should have problems with anesthesia. No charge if you choose to use gas anesthesia; otherwise $22

4.  Gas anesthesia instead of injectable anesthesia: Injectable anesthetics are less expensive, simple, and is usually very safe and successful for quick and simple procedures.  However, gas anesthesia is safer, less stressful to the kidneys & liver, results in easier recovery and is highly recommended for long or major surgical procedures including spays.  Especially recommended or required for older and/or sick patients.
Cost for gas anesthesia:   $40-50 extra    (includes digital monitoring)

5.  Oxygen therapy during recovery:  recommended for long or especially painful surgeries.  Not really needed in most castration or spays but it does make you feel good and minimizes the general aches and pains of any anesthetic procedure.  Cost: $22 

6.  Extra pain management:  Morphine, Rimadyl, Metacam & other pain medications to give if needed during recovery and/or to dispense while recuperating at home.  Cost: $3-10

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We offer very low prices for basic spays and neuters for the reasons outlined to your right .

Still, if you care enough about your pet that quality surgery is more important than the very lowest cost, we recommend you do more than the very basics.
We explain all this on this page to your right.

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