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This page is about some products and services that might interest you:

AllerPet C & AllerPet D
For people allergic to their pets


Pet Insurance 

Pet Candles   

Bag Balm
Dog Appeasing Pheromone 

Feliway Spray   


AllerPet C & AllerPet D for people allergic to their pets:

AllerPet C and AllerPet D are formulated specifically for either cats or dogs and the people who are allergic to them.

These products enzymatically remove the saliva, dander, and sebaceous gland secretions on your pet which are considered to be the prime antigens causing some people to be allergic to pets.

AllerPet C and AllerPet D are 100% non toxic for kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs and a $16 bottle will last several months.

If someone in your family is allergic to pets, make them much more comfortable by simply rubbing a little AllerPet on your pet’s coat once a day.


Think your pet won't get loss?  One in three will.  Microchips and the services the microchip people provide have a better than a 90% chance of getting your pet back.  Click here to go to our page about MicroChips

Pet Insurance

I don't sell pet insurance.  And I don't make a dime for recommending it.  And it's a pain in the nuisance for us to fill out insurance forms. 

But I can't tell you how many times I've had to euthanize dogs and cats for major injuries and diseases that could have been remedied if only the owners had a few thousand dollars to go to a veterinary specialist for major surgery and so on.

I'm extremely impressed with TruPanion Pet insurance for it's simplicity, but VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) and PurinaCare are other excellent companies. 
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Some Misc Products & Services I Want You To Know About

With no fanfare,The Dairy Associated donated Bag Balm to the search teams looking through the charred fubble for survivors after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.  The salve was massaged into the paws of dozens of search dogs who worked for endless hours in the rubble.
Pet Candles  

I don't know much about these candles except that people keep coming back to buy them.  They are very popular and apparently destroy pet odors as well as cigarette odors in your room.  We use them in the clinic. Several different scents.  $8  Click here to go to our page about odors

Dog Appeasing Pheromone

Available as a plug in or as a collar you put on your puppy or dog, these pheromones make your pet calm.  Good for introducing pets to a new home, a new baby, and helpful with training
Click here to go our page about behavior problem products

Feliway Spray
Available as a spray or plug in for kittens and cats. These pheromones often solve urinary marking problems, and help cats get along with each other.  Click here to go our page about behavior problem products

Bag Balm

I've written a lot about Bag Balm on our page about wound care products but I mention it here on this misc page because I think most people use it for themselves.  Great for chapped lips, hemorrhoids, and excellent for rough feet and hands.

PetGuard fly Repellent for Pets

I just wanted you to know that there is a cream for pet ears to repel flies if you're having this problem.