The Special, Prescription Only Diets We Offer For
The Treatment of Diseases ... At The FoxNest Veterinary Hospital

Pretty much everyone knows that certain foods if eaten too often or in excess can be unhealthy.

But on the flip side, some diseases can be made better using carefully chosen diets.  That's what this page is about.

Diseases that often respond well to therapeutic diets include skin, anal gland, and ear allergies, lots of different digestive disorders, pancreatitis, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, bladder problems, joint diseases, kidney disease, and aging.

We also have special diets for pets recovering from trauma, parasitism, long term illness, and major surgery.

As you are surely aware, there's been a great deal of experimentation, discovery, and research in nutrition in the last 50 years. 

Some of this effort has resulted in diets that greatly improve the quality of life of patients suffering from different diseases. 

Every few years there are important discoveries and ideas and a few years later we benefit from a new diet able to help manage, control, prevent, or minimize a disease problem.

In the case of pets, we are at an advantage over human nutritionists because we can easily control what our patients eat!

There are several top pet food companies that provide diets meant to treat or prevent different types of diseases. 

That's great for us for obvious reasons...competition begets lower prices, more choice, and continued improvements as each company strives to out do the other.

While we're on the subject of price, most special, prescription only and non-prescription super premium diets are significantly more expensive that regular pet foods. 

But don't think of these diets as being expensive food ... think of them as inexpensive treatments for problems that would otherwise make your pets unhealthy and miserable.

For some disease problems, choosing a special diet can be the most important part of the treatment.

This page is an introduction to this topic. 

Why a prescription?

These diets weren't meant for the average, healthy animal. 

They have been designed to effect changes in the pet's digestion, immune responses, blood pressure, kidney, liver metabolism or blood glucose levels.

They are sometimes meant to be given for life when pets have life long disease conditions like diabetes ... or they may be intended for limited periods.

Targeting specific medical disorders, therapeutic diets can benefit animals with such problems as food allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, urinary tract dysfunction, kidney disease, heart disease, liver disease and even some forms of cancer.

Patients with these problems often require certain nutrients to be added or eliminated from their diets.

Therefore, the misuse of specifically formulated therapeutic diets can be hazardous… and veterinarians need to be the responsible source of their distribution to the dog owner.

For some medical conditions, we will often recommend a well chosen, less expensive non-prescription diet if we think it would work as well. 

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There are diets for treating the following diseases and conditions.  Please take a look.  The right diet can really help:

Skin Allergies  

Kidney Disease  
Bladder Problems    

Weight Issues    



Heart Disease   

Recovery Diets from Illness or Major Surgery   

Liver Challanges  
Intestinal Disorders