Hours & Directions

Phone:     864- 882-4488

Address:  10445 Clemson Blvd
              Seneca, SC 29678

FoxNest Veterinary Hospital   
10445 Clemson Blvd
Seneca, SC 29678

Also home to:

The Animal Rescue Fund of South Carolina ... A No Kill Pet Shelter

The DogWood Boarding Camp for Dogs

Miss Kitty's Bed & Breakfast for Cats


Miss Kitty's Grooming for Dogs & Cats

Our newly remodeled little animal hospital is located on Clemson Blvd (also known as Highway 123)

We're right between the towns of Clemson and Seneca

We're on the North side of the road.  We have a new sign up on the hill that was generously made by one or our clients.  We also have a small sign on our mailbox.

Our nearest neighbor on our Seneca side is the Assembly of God Church.  And our nearest neighbor on our Clemson side is JC Sports which sells ski boats and has a big sign with a ski boat on top of the sign.

Our Office Hours
Note that the veterinary hours are different from the the general office hours.

General Office Hours:

For boarding, grooming information, to pick up or drop off patients...or to look at strays needing homes; we are open: 

Weekdays: 9:00 am - 6 pm 

Saturdays: 9:00 am - 1 pm 

Sundays: 5 pm - 6 pm  (for pick up of boarding pets)

We are closed for several days on the Holy Holidays of Christmas and Easter.

Our Veterinary Appointment Hours

Weekday Mornings: 8:45 - 6:00

Saturday Mornings: 8:30 - 1:00 

Walk ins at these times are certainly welcome too, but please be patient. 

Another option if you have a busy schedule is to drop off your pet with the receptionist weekdays between 8:45am and 6pm, in which case I will fit your case in and start treatment as soon as humanly possible.

A little note about my veterinary hours:  You might incorrectly think that I work short hours based on the appointment hours posted above.  Guess what?  My typical work week is about 60 hours.   You see, much of what we do is done before or after we see appointments. 

Not to mention emergencies and C Sections in the middle of the night. 

Between the sick patients, our surgery patients, our shelter pets, and our boarding animals, we have as many as 80 animals on the premises needing care at a time.  It's often a 24 hour job.

While it's true that I only see appointments, officially, for about 5 hours a day, understand that I also spend about about 5-7 hours a day doing surgery and taking care of sick patients.  Not to mention the time spent mowing lawns, fixing equipment, keeping up with ordering drugs, running a busy business, returning a hundred phone calls a week, collecting from dead beats, and most frustrating of all...trying to understand and comply with the impossible to clearly understand paper-work demands of our government; OSHA, Radiology Safety, FDA, SC-FDA, The Narcotics Inspection People, State Unemployment, State Sales Tax, State Labor Regulators, and the various Federal and State Licensing Boards. 

Whew.  Luckily I have lots of help, but still, there are only so many hours in a day. 
My thanks though to my hard working family and Staff, Dr Ryan Dunagin, and especially office manager Miss Bonnie Chait or all this would be truly impossible.

House Calls

If you need me to come to your home, I'll be glad to do so as long as we can arrange it for a convenient time. 

It's interesting, the different types of requests I get concerning housecalls.

There are the people who are invalid or too old to drive or arrange driving easily. 

There are the people who want to euthanize their old pet friend in the dignity and quiet of their own home.

And then there are the people with so many pets, it's easier to do a sort of mass vaccination and deworming visit at home instead of getting them all to the clinic.

No problem with any of these reasons. 

Some people, though, want a housecall...usually right away...because their pet is too dirty to put in their car, or is too vicious for the caller to handle off their property. Hoo boy.

I secretly would like to refer these kinds of cases to our local large animal vets like Dr Oliver and Dr Holland who are better set up for treating pets "in the field", but The Golden Rule keeps me from doing this; they don't want to deal with mean dogs either. 

At any rate, I'll be glad to make a housecall if appropriate and needed, but understand that for sick or injured pets I need to get them to the clinic where I have the staff, facilities, medications, and equipment to treat them properly. 

House calls cost $40-60 depending on time and distance in addition the normal exam and treatment fees.

This page lists our official hours and some directions

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